Friday, March 12, 2010

"Flying Down to Rio"

I was watching "Flying Down to Rio" on Turner recently and was fascinated by the ballet on the wings scene, considering the movie was made in 1933 this was truly a great demonstration of special effects. This got me to thinking just how awful flying is these days. I try to avoid taking any trip that involves flight to get there, because it takes me most of the holiday to recover from the ordeal! Arriving at the airport hours early, waiting in line with shoes off to be inspected, herded to your waiting area, and then stuffed into a seat that would be uncomfortable for a three year old, and you pay for this !?!! Couldn't they just remove a few seats from coach for a little leg room, couldn't they make the bathroom a tiny bit bigger, does every inch of the plane have to be filled with a passenger, it really is a form of torture. Flying used be fun, as witnessed by the photos above, even the pilots were blissfully happy ! Who wouldn't have loved to see those Braniff flight attendants arriving in those helmets, that would have been worth the ticket price! I haven't even mentioned the food or lack of it, today that child in the picture above would have been presented with an empty tray! I'm also sure if the airlines could, they would strap a few more people onto the wings as they did in that dance scene in "Flying Down to Rio"!


  1. Great pictures! I totally agree with. Flying just isn't like it used to be. When I was little I loved to fly, well, I love the flying part still, looking down at the land under us and the clouds. I still find it truly amazing. But all the other parts that we have to go through now to fly and the airlines wonder why people aren't flying anymore. It just goes to show that if your nice and care about people they going to use something but if you treat people like cattle.... then pfffftttt!

    I haven't been served a meal like that kid above since the the 80's.

  2. Though, I think if I had those two pilots, I would be afraid.....

  3. i love you and hate flying. that said- let's take a trip!