Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cats vs. Dogs

My dogs

I'm very much a dog person, I love their neediness, their faithfulness, their desire to please. You can never enter your home without them rising to greet you, even from the deepest sleep. " Wow , you're home again, boy did we miss you , oh this is so great, we thought you were gone for good...." and on and on, until you finally say "Enough ! " Now cats on the other hand are entirely different. They start out as irresistible kittens, couldn't be cuter and it's a love affair. Then one day they look up and it's as though they see you for the first time through very clear eyes, "God, this one's really an idiot, I better keep an eye on her". They study you from a distance, with that aloof air about them, utterly bored by your every move. They suddenly know they can get on very well without you, but if you insist on staying they will tolerate you. I have to say my friends with cats are beginning to win me over with their wonderful pictures and stories of their pets. Delightful cat videos that melt your heart and I start thinking maybe I have this all wrong, Then I come across a video like the one below. Maybe I have it right.

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